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Our meticulously-curated collection of inspired information on the world’s top travel locations goes beyond the “top 10” and “best of” lists, allowing travelers to appreciate the essence of a place.

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Approach Guides: For Curious Travelers

Trip Reads is the newest service from Approach Guides. Since 2009, Approach Guides has been the ultimate resource for curious travelers. With a portfolio of digital guides and mobile applications that offer expert insights, context and on-location intelligence, we’ve reimagined the way travelers explore their destination, connect with the local culture and experience the world. And with our expanding collection of products, Approach Guides makes it easy for brands to showcase our content and enhance their guests’ travel experiences.

Travel guides for the ultra curious, Approach Guides reveal a destination’s essence, offering an in-depth look at a compelling aspect of its cultural heritage: art, architecture, history, food or wine.

The #1 app for wine education, Approach Guides encourages travelers to “drink local” and discover new wines through our unrivaled information on the world’s top winegrowing regions, appellations and grape varieties.

The travel reading list reimagined for the digital age, Trip Reads curates the best sources of information — books, articles, videos, music and online resources — for getting to know the world’s greatest destinations.

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